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Pokemon Flora Sky is a hack version of Pokemon Emerald Version. The author of this game is Sky from Poke-Mega. Now the final version of Pokemon Flora Sky is released (100% Full Released).

You can also see and catch all Pokemons from Gen IV and V that you just see in Pokemon games in Nintendo DS. Please rememer Pokemon Flora Sky is just a GameBoy Advance Game but you can enjoy more than you think.


Official Pokemon Flora Sky Box Art

Below is Pokemon Flora Sky Story

You’ll come to a land with many mysteries of the legendary Pokemon. After the battle between Dialga and Palkia, the portal between Torn World – the world of Giratina and real world is opened. Giratina appears and brings many unanticapated dangers. And you must close this portal before its too late. Meanwhile, Team Magma and Aqua are seeking the legendary Fire and Water type Pokemon to dominate their world. Together with other friends, our hero will prevent the heat of the legendary Pokemon by the actions of Team Magma and Aqua. What will help Groudon and Kyogre calm down? For more stories, let’s play..

We are also happy to introduce you new Features of Pokemon Flora Sky, having many differences from the original version, Pokemon Emerald.


Pokemon Flora Sky All Map – Ctiys, Towns

Pokemon Flora Sky Features:

  • Gen IV and V Pokemon
  • New Story
  • New Event For Legendary Pokemon
  • New Character
  • 386 Pokemon in the hack with new Sprites, 4th and 5th Sprites
  • New Moves
  • New Map
  • New Items
  • New HM
  • New Minigame
  • Day Night System, Daily Events
  • Main Legendary (In Story): Shaymin, Giratina, Dialga. After beat E4: Groudon, Kyogre, Rayquza, Mew, Arceus.
  • And more…

Download Pokemon Flora Sky ROM:

  • 2 Versions: Main and Complement Dex Version. All is the lastest version.
  • To download Pokemon Flora Sky Roms Patched, click to go to our Download ROM Page.

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  1. I really want to play pokemon flora sky but I can’t figure out how to download it without paying money

  2. can somebody help me

  3. The RAR File needs a password !
    tell me the password please for Complement Dex Version !!!

  4. What is the difference between main version and complement dex version? Please explain clearly lol :P

  5. djachsan says:

    I’ve downloaded the Complement dex version but i cant still play it…
    the only one that i can play is “1986 Pokemon Emerald (U)” it’s flora sky as well, but is it main or Complemen dex vrsion?

    • Where did you download the complement dex version ? Where is “1986 Pokemon Emerald (U)” ?

      Download in our Download Page please. These are patched versions. I have already downloaded again and open with VBA 1.80. I see that all games are well not emerald version like you said.

  6. First of all, thanks for this great hack rom.
    I’m stuck in the first floor of the Sky Pillar, I don’t know what to do.
    I would appreciate an answer, thanks in advance.

  7. souleternal says:

    So cool , awesome game . Became a big fan of the game. Finished both verrsions. Though i got help from sources . Whatever i enjoyed playing it. …………..

  8. souleternal says:

    there are some minor bugs in the game . Doesnt affect gameplay .if you want i can list them .

  9. grim4ngel says:

    i there no battle frointer in complement dex version?

  10. joe the moe says:

    So can you catch all the pokemon that are in the main version in the complement dex? or can you just catch the 386 in the pokedex in the version you are playing?

  11. clearedeunny says:

    is this a bug? Rayquaza don’t showup in Aqua Town after i awakened him , and when i talk to steven, he keeps asking me bout where is rayquaza

  12. grim4ngel says:

    where i can get axew in complement version? in the pokedex it show in mt.fullmoon , but i dont get anything one…
    and where is the location Luvdisc?

  13. clearedeunny says:

    no, you dont get what i mean sky
    i’m in the middle of kyogre and groudon mission
    ive awakened rayquaza in sky pilar, and i only need to go to aqua town and watch the rayquaza coming right?
    And the problem is, rayquaza never show up in aqua town, when i talk to steven, he keep asking where rayquaza is and tell me to awaken rayquaza eventhough ive done it !

    • Yes, do you want to catch kyogre and groudon ?

      If you have awakened rayquaza, please do following jobs

      KYOGRE: Finish Rayquaza event and beat the Elite Four again. Go to Route R and Dive into the Underwater.

      GROUDON: Finish Rayquaza event and beat the Elite Four again. Go to A Path (Challenge Islands) and enter the Terra Cave.

      • clearedeunny says:

        no pal, i DONT want to catch them, i want to finish the Rayquaza Event!

        I told by Steven to awake Rayquaza, and I did it. I went to Aqua Town , talk to steven, and he still tell me to awake Rayquaza eventhough I have done it, also Rayquaza dont come to Aqua Town to interfere the battle between Kyogre and Groudon!

        got me?

        • You can watch it

          For this, you will need to finish the Groudon and Kyogre in Aqua Town. Have you done it ?

          • clearedeunny says:

            when i awaken rayquaza to finish the Rayquaza Event, and back to Aqua town, the Kyogre and Groudon still there and i dont see any Rayquaza in the town that it supposed to be in there

            this is not about catching Rayquaza but the Rayquaza Event

          • Oh, now I understand. Maybe it is a bug, but noone met it like you, almost they pass this event easily and completed the game. Normally, when you come to this town, the event will be actived automatically and you can’t talk to Steven anymore.
            There are reasons for that: Which version are you playing ? Please download the lastest version to play. Or if you used Cheat Codes, it might have caused this bug.

          • clearedeunny says:

            and can you fix it for me?
            note: i dont even use cheats

          • clearedeunny says:

            oh i forgot, im playing main version right now

  14. yes can anyone tell me where to catch axew in the c dex version please,thankyou

  15. yes can anyone tell me where to catch axew in the c dex version please,thankyou
    p.s. big fan haha

  16. My staravia was evolving at lv 34 into staraptor and i stopped friend didnt stop his and his learned close combat when it evolved.I need to know when will mine learn close combat or is there a move tutor or mushroom maniac to teach it to my newly evolved staraptor?

    • Sorry, Close Combat isn’t in TMs/HMs and Move Tutors List (see more at our Guide page). So for your Pokemon to learn it, you have to do like your friend did.

  17. I cant seem to download this rom with my mac. Is it only available though windows Pc?

    • I think MacOS can download well with Mediafire or Megaupload. But when you open and play .gba, I don’t sure you can find an emulator for MacOS.

  18. Right when I came in the torn world, where you normally would see shaymin, I got a white screen and was out of the torn world, so I can’t go to anything right know, do you know what I have to do???

  19. grim4ngel says:

    i already going to mt fullmoon peak 2 hours and i dont find anything axew in the peak… :(

  20. hi sky, im playing c dex ver. , i have question, where i cn find kabuto?

  21. souleternal says:

    i was just saying about bugs right . First after the rayquaza event just go into the cave where kygoure is awakened and use dig and you will appear at the top floor of sky pillar . Just catch the rayquaza and go to the place where u found steven he will be there again talk to him like before. He gives you the hm. But the quest of steven is still activated, he starts going to different places you can fight with sky again .in the pokenav there is no match call for sky instead there is dad norman. And the old man who trades devon scope for tea .there it says sky gave the tea. I dont think pokenav can be hacked. This aint a bug in cdex version we can catch happiny right .its better the held item(lucky egg) be removed otherwise it makes the game easier .as usual there is no battle frontier in cdex version. And there are some graphical glitches like walking through rocks here and there .whatever the game is brilliant and cool.big fan of yours .KEEP IT UP. @souleternal.

  22. breadstix18 says:

    hi there i just caught a blue psyduck in safari zone . . . what that mean . . . is there something special on the blue psyduck that i caught

  23. could you please tell me who the artist of your website background image is? it’s wonderful and i would like to know who created it. thank you!

    p.s. i really love the flora sky version.. i’ve been playing it on my psp for the past three days!!

  24. where can I get ice punch/fire punch/ thunder punch?

  25. Will I be able to get more than one moonstone?

  26. I love this hack, but I’ve discovered a major problem, one capable of being a game-breaker…

    After beating the Malias City gym, if you surf west towards Teaes City and avoid the male swimmer, you’ll find yourself in a dead end, and the only way out is past the trainer that now blocks your path. In my case, he caught me from behind as I tried to go past him, and now my path is COMPLETELY blocked. And since you can’t get Fly at this point in the game, there’s basically no way out……leading to an abrupt and unexpected game over.

    Here’s a screenshot of what I’m talking about, take a look at it and you’ll see I’m trapped:

    Perhaps you could consider moving the rock directly under the male swimmer down to be even with the two rocks beside it? That would easily fix this game-breaking problem. Thanks!

  27. Help! Everytime I go diving.. I only see smokes… then they will suddenly go away when I use dive again or use sweet scent.. Please help.. Is there anyway to fix it?

  28. Noble Trainer says:

    um. . . why is rampardos still affected by electric type moves?

  29. Noble Trainer says:

    why is rampardos still affected by electric type moves?

  30. arbie cruz says:

    why cant i play battle frontier in c dex version,it says :

    “sorry you cannot play battle tent or battle frontier in this version”

    Is there anyway that i can play battle frontier?

  31. Noble Trainer says:

    ive learned that you can use your save file on the main version in the c dex version and vice versa. if you change the name of the save file of the version you are playing and make it the same as the other version, you will be able to load your game there. it’s like playing in an alternate universe! You’ll be surprise when you try it. Some pokemon will turn out to be great (ex.main’s gyarados will be cdex’ dialga) and some funny ones like a flying aipom (main’s emolga becomes cdex’ aipom). The problem on this is that the pokemon will retain their names and moves that’s why you’ll get pokemons with the wrong moveset. i think you wouldnt be able to get items again like the glacidea, i already used it on my shaymin on main, but shaymin turned out to be yanma on cdex and i got another shaymin landform which is actually my koffing. That means i need to evolve koffing into weezing to get shayminsky in the cdex since i will not be getting another glacidea. Another thing, some pokemon will have no special ability (or they really dont have special ability? im not sure on this). with this you can play both version and you wont have to start all over. Have fun running around two worlds. lol

  32. floraskyfans says:

    when will ur full WT out sky?

  33. After rebattling elite 4 with high level. I went to mt fullmoon and try to catch dialga. I used rock climb but dialga not appears in the cave.. Why??

  34. I’m playing a Complement Dex Version and I’m having a problem with my Sneasel’s evolution – It’s night and his happiness is at its max. Yet, it refrains from changing its appearance… Am I missing something?
    It annoys me a lot, but I’ve enjoyed this hack so far. Great job!

  35. arbie cruz says:

    i’ve downloaded again the c dex version here to make sure im playing the latest version but still i cant play the battle frontier in my c dex but in my main version i can play the battle frontier.please help me how can i play battle frontier in c dex version….

  36. souleternal says:

    There is no battle frontier in C-Dex version . Only drawback in that version .

  37. are you sure? Well thanks for the reply dude….

    I was just wondering why did Sky didnt enable the battle frontier in c dex version,…

    I like c dex much than main version because of the legendary pokemons, gen 5 legendaries are all there, i was just disappointed about the battle frontier disabled.

  38. broo..thnx for the game but plz can u change the name of the region to FLORA region……….cozz it seems tottaly new region…i m very much amazed to seee that pokemon fans can make very awsum game like these …thnx a lot for this brooooooo !!!!!!!!!! just plz change the name of the region in the game map !!!!!!!

  39. and also i think the starting theme is still kinda emeralds theme…can u chage it tooo to a new theme & can u get a new proffessor ???,…..the theme of FLORA region plzzzz…it would be great,,,,,i m sure ur product will be hit into international market!!!!!!!!!

  40. and also the name of the 1st town …its odd to hear small town…….if u want we fans can give opinion abt it !!!!!

  41. what the heck!!! when i open the ancient ruins to catch genesect, the pokemon wasn’t there. i also have and finish all the requirements

  42. sky u r awesome!!!!i just love this game and never get tired of playing it!

  43. Rudy tabuti says:

    Hua hua i cant buy huney ect in shop honey village all items “????????” Name n price all zero. . . Wht hppen i dwnlod latest version in here c dex version . . . T.T im play using symbian phone , help me admin @.@

  44. Raichu Togekiss Oshawott says:

    how to enter polar forest In cdex version

  45. This is a common emerald problem. It occurs in flora sky too. When I win the league it says that the save file is corrupt and in the screen there is no continue. PLEASE HELP!!!!!!!!
    Note: I use visual boy advance.

    • Did you change your save type from Flash 68k to Flash 128k on VBA ? This issue is often occured on Pokemon FireRed, Emerald.
      If it still doesn’t work, you should try moving the folder to another place, or extract the rar file in the new folder.

  46. @admin,i already play the final version in my phone using emulator vbag.. And its so cool… But why, when i download the cdex version than it won’t play in my phone..?:(
    when i start it, my screen it just a whit blank…? Did anyone can help me please… :(

  47. alright its ok.. Bdw is shiny pokemon are avaible in this rom?

  48. how to get leafeon and glaceon ?

  49. how to get leafeon and glaceon on complpement dex version ?

  50. sir sky cAn you please enable the battle froNtier in C Dex verSioN? And cAn you also fix the shopS selling ‘???????’ i reaLLy love c dEx verSioN. Please please please?hoping you will. Thanks in advance sir.

  51. CandyGirl101 says:

    i play this in the PSP hehehe…

  52. hi :D
    Does mothim ,able to learn fly?

  53. CandyGirl101 says:

    where is hall of origin? i hav all the legendaries now except arceus

  54. Marques Choates says:

    Well, I’ve gotten 2 the Elite Four and beaten them but when the credits end and it starts it says the save file has bean erased and i have 2 start a new game. I’m using VBA. Please email me back a solution.

  55. where i can find heart scales?can somebody help me please.

  56. alibinshajihan says:

    eh i have 2 question. {im playing cdex btw)
    1st : can i catch all 386 pokemon in this game?
    2nd : how come when i reach mystic town, i see jiratina and dialga fighting instead of palkia and dialga?

  57. Blazing Flare says:

    Great work with this hack, I find very interesting that the pokemon selections in both versions are different enough to warrant having both.
    This is no doubt the most extensive Emerald hack I’ve ever seen and I quite like hacks that use the GBA games as a base, so thank you.

    I just want to report the the hack won’t load on VBA if the boot logo option is active (it hangs)
    but if the option is disabled it runs fine. I have not ran into any other problems thusly,
    so congratulations.

  58. excuse me, i had a trouble to pass hole wood, how can pass hole wood to get to froster town, i cant find way out from hole wood, please someone help me

  59. Firhan Ubaidillah Nesaba says:


  60. Firhan Ubaidillah Nesaba says:


  61. does this game use generation III or IV physical/special attack distinctions

  62. Hey.. i finished catching all the legendaries. beat the whole game just dont knowm how to
    # get to flower garden
    #get to flora sky isle
    #fight mysterious man

  63. Hey.. i finished catching all the legendaries. beat the whole game just dont knowm how to
    # get to flower garden
    #get to flora sky isle
    #fight mysterious man
    need F* help

    • u must be having shaymin n defeated elite four 2 to 3 times
      den go n talk to flash she will teleport u into torn world find there green shard n trade it near the firey mountain for sum flower n den u can evolve shaymin
      complete pokedex and earn every silver symbol in battle frontier den again talk to flash she will teleport u into immortal isle fight the guys with steven (even he’s got awesome pokemon) it will b a duel battle they got legendaries as their poke’s den go and heal ur pokemon
      go up the stairs fight the mysterious man mind it he has 100 lvl latios 100 lvl giratina 100 lvl dialga 100 lvl arceus 100lvl rayquaza 100 lvl lugia n all shiny have a wonder full time fightin him
      i taught 1 of ma pokemon the following moves and it helped a lot
      sleep powder
      dream eater
      giga drain

  64. Hey where to fight the mystery man .. need to steal his pokemon

  65. Yes! I need to ask the same question, i’ve caught all pokemon and finished the game completed the dex but dont know where to find mystery man to fight him.
    Please tell me sky

  66. DeltaCommando4 says:

    Hey, um i have a problem with the first mission. When I get to the honey werehouse the guy says i need the smachine but I already have it. also can you trade Pokemon from the main version to C Dex version or vice versa?

  67. Firhan Ubaidillah Nesaba says:

    where i cand find the unown app please……….??????????

  68. wher i can get a luvdisc…??

  69. where i can get a luvdisc…??

  70. the menu in honey village when i buy lava cookie says ?????,,, is it buged,,, please help,, i cant advance in the game,,,,

  71. ok

  72. where to catch hitmontop in the main version?

  73. tae` mO admin ! kahit anu na-iisip mO suntukan n lang ! wag na yang pokemonflorasky :) DAMN

  74. its a great,awesome game but when i finished the rayquaza event and defeated the E4 and the champion my save file has been erased due to corruption and it and my save has been lost and return to new game help me admin if you know what to d.:) waiting for your reply

  75. Does EV Traning is applied in the game?

  76. Such a nice hack I have stumbled upon, I love it!

  77. help me, I want to ask the route torn world how to solve them and how to catch pokemon saymin. please help

  78. Is it possible to trade pokemon from flora sky to pokemon emerald or other pokemon games?

  79. Pro Shiki says:

    what pokemons can learn flash in pokemon sky flora C Dex version?

  80. I wanna change the title screen of emerald.. I can change Ruby/sapphire/firered/leafgreen’s but cant do that with please.. how did the creator did it? help… Please.. Please… Thanks i advance.. i wanna make a hack of emerald… please help…

  81. i got a problem,,, TT
    I’Ve got 4 badge but i cant buy ball at ball shop in research center
    it said “??????” ….
    why?? can u help me sky????

  82. I just got fly, and now am stuck because the entrance to meteor falls seems to not exist … Where the cave entrance should be is just a wall. Any other way to proceed? I am using the latest complement dex version on psp…

  83. Is there any other game like this game!

    Pokemon Flora Sky is Awsome!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  84. After beat e4 i can’t get mission1/mission2….
    the middleman in quest factory just say>>> ‘Congratulation you have finish the second mission’
    why???? because i can’t get mission i can’t continue the gameeee !!!!!!

  85. where can i get larvitar in main version? PLZ Help!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  86. can you please enable battle tent feature in c dex??
    i want to try that battle tent so much..

    oh yeah, is there any walkthrough for flora sky?? like in gamefaq??
    if there any, please can you include it in this site??

    well, thx for creating this great game
    sorry if i ask too much :D

  87. how to get the 6th badge? and how to get devon scope please help me!!!

  88. YaoMingBR says:

    now you need to search for black men, or NINJA men, look in the GUIDES & FAQS

    Larvitar can be found inside the ancient temple, inside the first cave, after the route, before the ancient temple

  89. Where can I get HM FLASH?? And what I do after the 2 gym?

  90. Hey. admin..I have Finished the main version..still I am not satisfied..
    I already catch all the legendary pokemon here.
    but I really want a ZOROARK..can you help me here?

  91. where i can find unown app to catch hooh ???

  92. It is quite common for acne to go downhill before it gets better

  93. echo aquaboy says:

    how to complette the last mission,collect all price on battle frontier and complette pokedex????

  94. can i get the admin email? i want to chat seriously with him..

  95. WHERE I CAN GET < ZORUA .. please help me .. =="

  96. Ohh… i changed the save type to 128k before insert the ROM then I reseted the visualboy, but my game has freezed on the start screen, please, somebody help me?

  97. where can i find wailmer, also when i try to fish i never find anything, playing latest main version, help

  98. Hi, this game is awsome, way better than emerald itself. BUT I wanted to make a little change… I would like to know if there’s a way (hack tool) to change some type moves, like DARK becoming physical and GHOST becoming special… my GENGAR and my WEAVILE would appreciate that. Thanks.

  99. Could someone please send me e-mail or upload the save after the elite four.
    Thank you!

  100. My e-mail :

    Thank you!

  101. ash praveen says:

    Hey i need to ask a question, In com dex version we cant play battle frontier then how i can collect all the symbols in order to go to the immortal isle????

  102. Why i always cant save =.= after i beat the campion =.= it said it damage
    but i can save normlay =.= in pokemon center

  103. what emulator do i need to play .UPS format game?

  104. i really want to play the game, but as I try to get into the cave where you battle Brendan/May. but it keeps FREEZING!! HELP!

  105. I was very pleased to find this web-site.I wanted to thanks for your time for this wonderful read!! I definitely enjoying every little bit of it and I have you bookmarked to check out new stuff you blog post.

  106. where i can get rock climb & where i can find steven after finding him in the desert ?

  107. i love flora sky!

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  109. I am regular reader, how are you everybody? This paragraph posted at this website is really nice.

  110. i know this is a great game, but i am wondering why cant all the pokemon be catch in this version? what i mean is can this version’s pokedex exceeds 386 pokemon? or cant every single pokemon from gen 1 to gen 5 appear and caught in this version? sorry and thanks for the creation of this great version!

  111. Cool Trainer Revan says:


    I can’t get the 5th badge because The Gym leader isn’t in the gym…

    I asked the trainer in the gym..
    There is no answer about the gym leader…

    Just some Unimportant thing…

    Where is she?
    Is there any bug..?

    The shaymin event is done and i already got 1,2,3 and 4th badge ..

    But where is she!!

  112. StePika says:

    where do you get lileep in pokemon flora sky please?

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