Quests & Mission

– How to get: Beat E4 and visit Challenge Island. Talk to the middle man to obtain the mission.
– Require: S-Machine, Lawn-Mower App. (talk to the old man in Honey Village Warehouse after you got the S-Machine and accepted the mission)
– Location: Gloomist Forest.
– Quest Points: 35


– How to get: Finish the mission 1. Talk to the middle man to obtain the mission.
– How to finish: Find Steven in the cave south of the desert of Route J. Then go to Golden City and beat Sky in front of Trainer Hill. Use Pokeflute App. to awake Snorlax in the northern gate. There is four small rocks in the Hole Woods. Examine: bottom right, top left, top right, bottom left. Talk to Steven again in the secret house. Fly to Malias Library, talk to Steven once again and enter the hidden room. Explore the Magma Hideout and go to Aqua Town. Finish the Rayquaza event and go to L Area. Talk to Steven in his house to finish the mission.
– Quest points: 35

– Location: Route B
– How to do: find and beat 3 Ninja Boy in the Lost Cave. (the cave in Route B => Teaes City => Route Q). Talk again to the black man to finish.
– Quest Points: 30

– Location: Route D – Scorched Slab
– How to do: Show the black ma a Gible in the Main version (you can find it in Route J)/ Seedot in the C Dex Version. (use Headbutt).
– Quest Points: 15

– Location: Route Z
– How to do: find the special Coral in underwater Route AC, the return and talk to the black man.
– Quest Points: 10


– Location: Ocepac Town
– How to do: use Explosion and destroy 2 rocks in front of Mr. Scope’s House.
– Quest Points: 15

– Location: Malias City (in-house)
– How to do: talk to the kid in house, find his Wingull in a house in Hotasita City. Return and talk to the kid again. Then talk to the black man to finish.
– Quest Points: 20


– Location: Honey Village
– How to do: Bring to Wally (he’s in his house now) 5 Lava Cookies, 5 Moomoo Milks, 5 Rare Candies and 5 Lemonades. After the party, talk to the black man again to finish.
– Quest Points: 15

– Location: Desert Underpass (require Rock Climb)
– How to do: find the hidden item near the black man.
– Quest Points: 10

– Location: L Area
– How to do: Defeat the Kindler 3 times.
– Quest Points: 15




  1. whr can i get d pokeflute app. ?? can sum1 tell me?

    • First, you have to go to Area Q to complete Steven quiz mission in Challenge island.
      Second, come to the challenge factory and talk to the middle man in the Second mission.
      Third, go to the Desert, try to find Steven in a cave in the south of the desert
      Final, fly to Golden City and rebattle with Sky standing in front of the BattleTower . If you win, he will give you the Pokeflute app

  2. Hey, Where can i buy Lava Cookies ?

    • Honey Bar in the Honey Village.

      • All the Girl that was selling in the honey bar was all question mark items like this
        ???? and the price is also like that . what will i do about that ?
        That is the only item that i need right now to get Mewtwo .

        • I got the same problem admin. The lady there is selling ????? for 0 money. Even the man in froster town beside the evo stones seller gives ????? and the balls seller in platepics. Im playing d latest verxon already.:( I nid d lava cookies for wally’s party.

  3. Why is Aqua town pokecenter and mart are blocked by an unmovable stone, all the house can’t go in and then the area is prohibit to fly.. Is it a bug?

  4. hey uhm where is the middle man? D:

  5. and also, when i go to skypillewr after beating maxie of team magma, how do i get to a different floor? there is like no door for me to go in from

  6. why cant i enter any house in aqua town and also there are 2 big rocks blocking the pokecentre and pokemart

  7. Hi ^^ uhmmm where is stevens house? :o

  8. wheres stevens house?

  9. how do i get the s ticket and lawnmower app?

  10. the man in honey village says he already gave me the lawnmower app. what do i do? I dont have it

  11. hi guys.. In the bgining i chose pliplup,.. Now am almost finis the game.. Quest: Did i can get the other pokemon starter..? If yes where i can get it..

  12. quest 8, where is L area n the anoying kindler.. I cant find it.?

  13. Raichu Togekiss Oshawott says:

    where is the secret house at mission 2?

    • There are 4 rocks and this is a puzzle, you should press them in a correct order (bottom right=>top left=>…). The secret house will appear and Steven is in there.

  14. Dude wtf ? i cant get the last ticket i need 15 more point :S

  15. or the complement dex is fulled of bugs or something i´m doing wrong, please help me with this, i need complete the second mission, after explore the magma hideout in charpos island, how can i go to the aqua town? i search the way to everywhere and i can´t found it.
    How can i complete the rayquaza event? 2 red man are blocking the sea in the festa zone… and one more important thing, where can i find rock climb? please, help me to complete the c dex game… thanks for advance

    • i¨ll replay my own question :P the exactly order is:

      1) Start defeating the team magma in mt. fiery (the cave before teaes city) and awake Groudon. Then the 2 red men in festa zone leave you pass.
      2) Defeat team aqua in the underwater cave in aqua town and awake kyogre.
      3) Awake Rayquaza in the top of sky pillar and return to aqua town.

      After the event, Steven give you the rock climb however you can´t use it yet.
      How can i use it? So… I need help to use it, What i have to do?

      Im from argentina, sorry if i have grammaticals errors.
      Farewell: Lobiguar

  16. i have the latest version of flora sky complement dex but i can´t enter any house, and pokecenter and/or pokemart, please solve it

  17. I already found the special corral but there is no black man in Route Z. Now I’m 10 points short so I can’t buy the ticket for the abandoned island. Help me please!!!

  18. I’m having a hard time to disable “screen movement” (That’s how I call it.. I don’t know what is this problem really! It’s like tracking some portions of the place but my character won’t move). What key(s) should I push on keyboard?

  19. where is the place to find lawn mower app and how to get it???

  20. Hey, How I can take the hidden item in Route K(Cave)?Help me please.Thankyou!!

  21. Christopher Diaz says:

    hey everyone this is redex300 i going to help you how to get the hidden item fist fly toTurzoro City and then keep going right and then up and you will see a cave and it would says Desert underpass enter and keep goig to the right the you will see that you need rock climb for me i just use walkthroug code but i had rockclimb with me so use the code walkthroug and the keep going right and the end of the cave you wiil see a black man the one the gives away the quest and he would ask you find the hidden item then when he ask go very slow on the text massage when your talking to him because that way you would able to find the hidden item they look like shiny star… so you need to talk ti him slow and read what he says in the message..

    • Thank you Cristopher Diaz. . I found the item but when I try to diffuse don’t get.
      I don’t know more the that to do.I already tried of everything but he doesn’t give for catching the item.

  22. i didn´t found the black man in this cave, and i need the 10 QP to find mew and meet arceus, but going to the end of the cave there is nothing there (and i used rock climb and everything) please help us with this PrObLeM

    • Veja se você já resolveu todos os outros quiz.Então vá a à caverna de novo e fale com o homem de preto mas preste bastante atenção no que ele vai dizer.Olhe as luzes piscando então dê um passo para esquerda e desca um pouco até o ponto brilhante de baixo.Daí é só pegar o item.Um dica é você dar save state antes que ele mostre as luzes assim pode ver bem onde estão.

    • See if you already solved all the other quiz.Then go to the cave again and speak to the black man but it pays plenty attention to which he will say.Look at the lights blinking then gives a step for left and go down a little until the brilliant point of low.Then it is only to catch the item.A clue is you to give save state before he shows the lights can see like this well where are.

  23. How to solve the puzzle 4?

      – Location: Ocepac Town
      – How to do: use Explosion and destroy 2 rocks in front of Mr. Scope’s House.
      – Quest Points: 15
      If he doesn’t have a pokemon with Explosion it is only to ask to the man of the center pokemon for teaching to one of their pokemons.I suggest that he teaches to one that won’t use in your team.

  24. I have the main version and i need to get to festa zone but i cant i have all the tickets and i need to go to festa zone so i can continue the steven mission!!!

    • go to charpose isle or tease city n the harbour
      the lady will ask u 2. golden city 3.battle frontier 4.challenge islands
      den u press b (in game cube) or x (in vba ) then she will ask
      where exactly would u like to go
      2. tease city 3.festa zone
      go to festa zone

  25. Where can I buy Lava cookie? The honey bar just have some ????? , i bought all of those but Wally doesn’t accept it.

  26. where do i get the unown app for the s machine i have s machine and i have completed the rayquaza event

  27. help me please i cant find the peak of the mt. fullmoon but i already got the red,blue,yellow shard. i also go to the gloomist forest and i met a mysterious man saying that i should find another eon pokemon to enter the gloomist forest but i roam the whole mt. fullmoon but i cant find latios/latias help me please.

  28. i tried 3 versions but i can’t find the quest man on route Z at all

  29. I can’t find black man in the Dessert Underpass, please help me. ASAP.

  30. How can I get a exclusive ticket ???

  31. YaoMingBR says:

    To see the ninja man(black man) in dessert underpass near turzoro city, you need rock climb, just keep walking to right(inside the cave). Lava cookies will be enabled when you defeat/catch legendary pokemon at birth island

  32. YaoMingBR says:

    Or you can get lava cookies by catching pokemons inside mt. Fiery, rare candies at fiesta zone inside the dug game

  33. YaoMingBR says:

    3 problems:
    1st: at honey bar, the things to buy have ?????? and price 0, same at pokeball shop(in plastepics city)
    2nd: there are a pokemon called ???????? inside the aqua town cave, at deep inside the cave and you can’t catch him
    3rd: the black man have disapeared at route z that want the CORAL.

    PS: i was playing the final version(main Version)

  34. i have a big problem…
    please help me…
    how to go to festa zone???
    i’m very confuse…

  35. admin, please answer my question. where can i find the all app like ss app or the unown app? i’m stuck :(

  36. aldimas kurniawan says:

    middle man doesnt give me the mission 1.why?

  37. My pokemon learn explosion but cant use. why?

  38. middle man say have you find mr steven in desert yet.
    but i cant find steven in route J in the cave . Why?
    and old man in warehouse not give me lawn app to help lost girl
    help me please…

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