Rare Pokemon Location (Main Version)

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– Sinnoh Starter: Starter or Waterfall Cave Route AA, Route X
– Shinx: Route C
– Petilil: Honey tree Bee-Bug Forest
– Maractus: tiến hoá từ Cacnea
– Pansear: Route I
– Clefairy: Meteor Falls, Cave Route AF
– Vulpix: Route L, Mt. Fullmoon peak, Artisan Hill
– Rufflet: Route W, Safari Zone..
– Diglett: Dark Cave
– Makey: Route I
– Growlithe: Route C
– Larvesta: Froster Town (Egg)
– Slowpoke: Route X Surf
– Jellicent: Underwater Route O
– Gastly: Gloomist Forest, Platepics City
– Glaceon: Route AF
– Leafeon: Outcast Island
– Cranidos: Skull Fossil Dark Cave
– Cubone: Q Path
– Lickitung: Route I, Safari Zone
– Chansey: Safari Zone
– Mr.Mime: Safari Zone
– Scyther: Route X, Route AH
– Electabuzz: Route T (Grass)
– Magmar: Magma Hideout
– Cresselia: Mt Fullmoon
– Lapras: Outcast Island
– Ditto; Safari Zone
– Eevee: Safari Zone
– Porygon: Prof. Birch’s Lab
– Omanyte: helix Fossil Dark Cave
– Hippopotas: Hippowdon Temple
– Arceus: Hall Of origin
– Snorlax: Golden City (use pokeflute app)
– Dialga: Mt Fullmoon
– Giratina: Torn World (Polar Forest=>Deep Forest)
– Dratini: Safari Zone, Outcast Island.. (Super Rod)
– Mewtwo: Abandoned island
– Mew: Artisan Hill
– Johto Starter: Outcast Island
– Hoothoot: Headbutt tree
– Zorua: Artisan Hill, Mt Fullmoon Peak
– Spinarak: Polar Forest
– Pichu: Safari Zone
– Cleffa: Safari Zone
– Togepi: Safari Zone
– Natu: safari Zone
– Sudowoodo: Wailmer Pail, Battle Frontier
– Cryogonal: Route AF
– Combee: Honey Tree
– Drifloon: Pyre Tower, Artisan Hill…
– Emolga: Headbutt Tree Bee-Bug Forest
– Bouffalant: Safari Zone, Honey Village
– Shaymin Sky: Glacidea, (Route I)
– Misdreavus: Pyre Tower
– Unown: Secret Chamber – Ancient Ruins
– Wobbuffet: Mirage Island
– Darmanitan: Safari Zone, Magma hideout
– Pineco: Headbutt Tree Polar Forest
– Dunspace: A Path
– Gligar: Route K
– Snubbull: Safari Zone
– Shuckle: Safari Zone
– Heracross: Headbutt Tree
– Deerling: Safari Zone, Polar Forest
– Corsola: Underwater Route U
– Remoraid: Route AC
– Delibird: Route AE, AF
– Munchlax: Honey Tree (Honey Village)
– Skarmory: Route W
– Houndour: Magma hideout
– Shaymin: Torn World(Event)
– Smeargle: Artisan Hill (Route Y)
– Tyrogue: Safari Zone
– Smoochum: Mirage Island
– Elekid: safari Zone
– Magby: Safari Zone
– Miltank: Honey Village
– Raikou: Altering Ace (Route AB)
– Entei: Route K
– Suicuen: Route U
– Larvitar: Route AF Cave
– Ho-oh: Ancient Ruins
– Lugia: Navel Rock
– Celebi: Polar Forest
– Hoenn Starter: Polar Forest, Route I, Teaes Gym
– Pawniard: Victory Road, Sky pillar
– Gible: Route J
– Deino: mt Fullmoon, Victory Road
– Ralts: Routa A
– Shroomish: Flower Garden (Talk to Flash)
– Slakoth: Headbutt Tree
– Nincada: Bee Bug Forest
– Riolu: Trade Lickitung (Searound City)
– Azurill: Outcast island
– Skitty: Route Y
– Cofagrigus: Hippowdon temple
– Mawile: Victory Road, Seafloor Cavern…
– Skorupi: Safari Zone, Route AH
– Spiritomb: Pyre Tower
– Roselia: Route AB
Gulpin: Route H, Route Z
– Numel: Mt. Fiery
– Torkoal: Mt Fiery
– Spoink: Route W
– Spinda: A Path
– Trapinch: Route J
– Cacnea: Route J
– Swablu: Mt Fullmoon Peak
– Zangoose: Route AB
– Servipe: Route AD
– Lunatone: Meteor Falls
– Solrock: Meteor Falls
– Cherubi: Honey Tree
– Stunky: Route X, Y
– Feebas: Route P, Outcast Island (Super Rod)
– Castform: Mirage Island
– Kecleon: Route T
– Munna: Artisan Hill, Mt Fullmoon peak
– Duskull: Platepics City, Pyre Tower
– Chimecho: Artisan Hill, Mt Fullmoon peak
– Absol: Gloomist Forest
– Wynaut: Mirage Island
– Relicath: Underwater Route S
– Bagon: Meteor Falls
– Beldum: Aragi’s Lab
– Keldeo: Outcast Island
– Victini: Cryptic City
– Latias/Latios: Roaming, Mt Fullmoon Peak
– Groudon: A Path
– Kyogre: Underwater Route R
– Rayquaza: Stratos lookout (Sky pillar)
– Jirachi: Hotasita City

– Deoxys: Birth Island

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