TM 01 – Focus Punch. Location: Trick House
TM 02 – Dragon Claw. Location: Meteor Falls
TM 03 – Water Pulse. Location: Teaes Gym
TM 04 – Calm Mind. Location: Seafloor Cavern
TM 05 – Headbutt. Location: Route F
TM 06 – Toxic. Location: Polar Forest
TM 07 – Hail. Location: Shoal Cave
TM 08 – Bulk Up. Location: Puel gym
TM 09 – Flash. Location: Platepics City
TM 10 – Hidden Power. Location: Surence Town
TM 11 – Sunny Day. Location: Route I
TM 12 – Cosmic Beam. Location: Meteor Falls
TM 13 – Ice Beam. Location: Route AF
TM 14 – Blizzard. Location: Teaes Departmnet Store
TM 15 – Hyper Beam. Location:Teaes Departmnet Store
TM 16 – Light Screen. Location: Teaes Departmnet Store
TM 17 – Protect . Location: Mystic Town
TM 18 – Rain Dance. Location: Route Z
TM 19 – Giga Drain. Location: Route X
TM 20 – Safeguard. Location: Turzoro City
TM 21 – Frustation. Location: Aqua Hideout
TM 22 – Solar Beam. Location: Polar Forest
TM 23 – Iron Tail. Location: Meteor Falls
TM 24- ThunderBolt. Location: Pulhia CoffeeBar (Talk to Leader Wattson)
TM 25 – Thunder. Location: Polar Forest
TM 26 – Earthquake. Location: Victory Road
TM 27 – Return. Location: Q Area
TM 28 – Dig. Location: Route C
TM 29 – Psychic. Location: Route AB
TM 30 –Shadow Ball. Location: Pyre Tower
TM 31 – Brick Break. Location: Route AB
TM 32 – Double Team. Location: Puel City
TM 33 – Reflect. Location:Teaes Departmnet Store
TM 34 – Shock Wave. Location: Turzoro Gym
TM 35 – Flamethrower. Location: Mt. Fiery
TM 36 – Sludge Bomb. Location: Puel hall
TM 37 – Sandstorm. Location: Route J
TM 38 – Fire Blast. Location:Teaes Departmnet Store
TM 39 – Rock Tomb. Location: Route P
TM 40 – Aerial Ace. Location: Hotasita Gym
TM 41 – Flame Of Rage. Location: Festa Zone
TM 42 – Facade. Location: Festa Zone
TM 43 – Secret power. Location: Route R
TM 44 – Rest. Location: Teaes City
TM 45 – Attract. Location: Platepics Gym
TM 46 – Thief. Location: Magma Building
TM 47 – Steel Wing. Location: Malias Gym
TM 48 – Dark Bom. Location: Surence Gym
TM 49 – Iceberg. Location: Searound Gym
TM 50 – Overheat. Location: Ship
HM01- Air Cutter. Location: Searound Underground
HM02-Fly. Location: Pulhia City
HM03: Surf. Location: Malias City
HM04 Strength- Location: Safari Zone (need 3rd badge)
HM05 Rock Climb: Location: Aqua Town
HM06 RockSmash. Location: Union Gate
HM07 Dive. Location: Dark Cave (Route H)
HM08 Waterfall. Location: Water Cave (Route E)




  1. how to use rock climb? jeje

  2. xxxNemesisxxx says:

    how can I get water town?

  3. xxxNemesisxxx says:

    and were’s the flaute app.

  4. dose this game use 4rd physical/special attack split?

    • Nope – I was hoping it would be seeing as it has gen IV and V pokemon, however seeing as it is an Emerald hack the physical/special mechanics are the same as in gen III.

  5. Ok i know the tm flamethrower is in mt fiery but where the hell is it ive looked everywhere .. Do i need something to get it? Or is behind that magma grunt cuz hes blocking the way an i cant get in that room ..any help?

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